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My Youth      Early Memories

I'm still working on this chapter.


     Biography    From Boy Miner    (Book 1.1)

My very early working life and training down a coalmine


     Biography           To Adult Miner    (Book 1.2

        Describing the working of a coalmine and conditions.


     Biography    Military Training    (Book 2.1)

My early Military Training


     Biography  A Military Policeman  (Book2.2)

Becoming a fully fledged Soldier


     Biography       I'm now a civilian     (Book 3)

A civilian again


     Tales from Life   Short True Stories

    A true collection of short short stories as told to me


     Brain     A Science fiction Novelette

       Written very early on in life and needs a lot of polish


      Life after Death     Life after death?

    My radical new concept of life after death


      Ghosts   Stories that happened to me. 

General Ghost stories that happened and described by me


      Island home    My new political party.

My theory for a new radical political Party


        Jack      My latest Novel in 2 Parts

My latest try at a novel 200+ pages that  needs polishing.


      Self Defence    Self Defence and Police Holds

After S.D. Training I decided to put it all down in writing


       George      A Short Murder Story

A short Murder Story


  Claire      Another  Story

Another Story I'll polish it sometime


The Blue Bell Inn  A Murder Story

Another murder


Elaine Hats




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The Blue Bell Inn

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