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LIFE (After Death)



     On the face of it these are two stupid questions but if your answer is 'Yes to either question then  read no further for this theory is not for you.

    If you have got this far let me begin to explain that there is life after death, not from any religious point of view (you shouldn't be here now because you would have answered yes to the original 2nd question) nor from any re-incarnation theory's; but life after death is a certain certainty.

    I asked the first question 'WERE YOU AWARE OF LIFE BEFORE YOU WERE BORN?' for a reason. Of course no one can remember that, but obviously there was life before you.

    Just as my second question, WILL YOU BE AWARE OF LIFE CONTINUING AFTER YOUR DEATH? Again you will not be in a position to be aware of life but equally, as we all must agree, life on Earth will still carry on long after you and I are dead.

    Let me ask you a further (on the face of it stupid) question. 'CAN YOU REMEMBER HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR LIFE TO GET TO THIS STAGE?' No of course you can't. I ask these questions because I want to instill in you of that vast amount of time before you were born and the just as vast times to come after your death: And time, as Einstein has said,  is relevant. Relevant to some other event. Just as the time before your birth, and the time after you are dead, is irrelevant to your rebirth.

   I do not want to bore any learned reader but to fully understand my belief it is now important to explain a little basic physics, very basically.

   All scientists now agree that the universe started with the 'Big Bang'. When all the matter of the universe was concentrated in one position, when all the atoms were situated in a place relative to all the other atoms. (I realize that there are many differing types of matter in the universe but I have over simplified the word atom/s and particles, to mean each and every type and particle of matter.) It is important to retain this image of all the atoms/particles of the universe being in a certain position relative to all the other atoms/particles because we will be coming back to this point later.

    Where were we? Yes, atoms or all the particles of matter were in a certain place at the time the universe, for want of a better word, exploded. At this point all matter began to move away from the centre, all at the same time. This fact is recognition of when time began. Even to this day all matter is still travelling at a tremendous speed, in an outward direction from the point of the 'Big Bang'. In fact it is being proved that the initial outward speed is decreasing due to some unexplained force and should, in theory, at some time come to a stop or even implode.

   Scientists cannot exactly confirm the age of the universe but most agree that the figure is between 10 and 15 billion years old and for Earth to reach the stage in where it's now. (Wikipedia quotes it as 13.7 billion years old) It will probably take even longer before the universe reaches its outer limits but what matter? We will not be around to be aware of it's change. It matters not. The time before our birth and the ensuing time after are as the blink of an eye, it did not matter then nor will it matter again. But one of three things will happen to the universe of the future.

                    (1.)  The matter will slow down enough for gravity to reverse the effect and time and matter will begin to implode upon it's self.

                        (2.)  It will rebound from its outer limits and again implode upon its self.

                    (3.)  The 3rd theory is that if the universe is shaped like a Taurus (a doe-nut shape) then in whatever direction matter travels it will always return to it's original position.

I am aware of the chaos theory but it is only chaos because man cannot mathematically calculate it, yet.

When man can predict and calculate chao/.,s and randomness he will be god. That is very unlikely to happen.

The point I am trying to make is that all matter is journeying back (or forward) to whence it came, back to it's exact original position prior to the 'Big Bang'. Whichever one of the above three points is true, and it matters not which one, the fact is that all the atoms of the universe will eventually end up back in its exact place it occupied before the last 'Big Bang' I say the last 'Big Bang' because the Universe has had many 'Big Bang's' and will have many more.

I read somewhere about 'The butterfly effect.' My apologies for not quoting who said it, for I don't know who it was, but what was said was something about a small change in the Earths atmosphere created by the wings of a butterfly could result in a hurricane somewhere else.

Cause and effect is the underpinning of my whole theory. Nay my total belief.

Every event that has ever occurred in the universe has been the result of another, or other ,event or events.

"For the want of a nail, the shoe was lost; for the want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for the want of a horse the rider was lost, being overtaken and slain by the enemy, all for the want of care about a horseshoe nail."

Benjamin Franklin famous quote exactly describes how a small minor event can influence greater events and these events influence other events.

Another apt true event happened in 1997 in New York

On July 13 about 9 p.m. lightening knocked out electricity in much of New York City, plunging millions of residents into darkness. Mobs ran amok and started fires and  ransacked retail businesses. Some 4,500 people were arrested during the riots, and the price tag for the damage was an estimated $61 million and many persons were killed. Around nine months after a very large number of babies were born because many couples retired to bed during the blackout. (CNN)

Again the main point I am trying to make is EVERY event, however trivial, has been influenced by a prior event. Cause and effect.

When the next 'Big Bang' surely occurs then all mater will re-begin it's journey outward exactly as before. All because all matter will be in exactly the same place then all events will happen again exactly as before. In fact we have been born and died countless number of times before but we didn't know it, nor will we ever know it.

The time between death and birth is but a blink of an eye. Time will begin again exactly as it has many times before. Cause and effect will mean that eventually the Universe and Earth will be re-formed, life will begin, you will be born again and will die exactly as before. Time and time again will the universe begin and end and you will be in it. You cannot remember life before death nor will you remember life after death, all you can be aware of is this moment in time.



Thursday, March 4th, 1997