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15.   Our Island Home.

Our Island Home

    flag           A controversially new Political outlook              flag

   Fact, the British Empire was once the greatest force on earth and it was said that the sun never set upon it.

    It is now also a fact that Britain, in terms of world power has now lost that strength, lags way behind the USA and only on a par with, or lower than, many others. It is therefore pointless of our politicians to try and weld world power that we have not now got, and probably never ever will again.

    Money, finance and commerce now rules the planet. The onset of Soviet Russia's downfall really began with the opening of the first McDonalds in Moscow. Once the reds allowed a capitalist inroad into their system; understandably the common man wanted some of it. It was all downhill from there. Look how the mighty dollar has almost become the worlds currency and is accepted almost anywhere. Now every country and company trust the Swiss Franc. I realise that I am being over simplistic with the money situation but a country's wealth is more important than how strong an army a country has. So instead of trying to beat the world with our little stick why not use a radically different stick?  

   We in the UK are unique in Europe in that we are an island. That being so why cannot we take full advantage of this fact?



    A new political party that declares Britain for the British and means what it says. This statement has nothing to do with race, creed, colour, religion. etc If you have a legal right to live here and hold a British passport then you are British. We need a new political party which states as it's main aim that sometime in the near future it intends to become, like Switzerland, a completely neutral country. This new party should announce its intentions to opt out of the common Market and the European Union. Retract out of the Commonwealth and disband it's NATO, SEATO and all the other alliances. All treaties, both financial and military to be reneged. It should be announced to the world that we offer no threat or seek any territorial gains to any country, state, power, or organization and that Britain's only concern would be that of it's own people's and their ultimate welfare.


     Our armed forces are the best trained in the world and as an ex soldier it pains me to say this but in radical times radical solutions must be made. The armed forces is one of the very few professions that train for a role but which very rarely actually do the job for which they are trained. I suggest that our armed forces must accept a different role; to be trained and turned into a pure Home-Guard force. A superior coast-guarding force protecting our shores from the illegal entry of drugs, goods and aliens and supremely an aid to the civil power. (I realise this last paragraph now is untrue what with the past conflicts in the Falklands and now in  Iraq & Afghanistan)

   Throughout the ages Switzerland has been neutral in the problems of other countries and because it posed no threat to any other country it has always been allowed to remain neutral. This uppermost fact allowed the Swiss to benefit from other peoples problems. Untold wealth is invested in the Swiss Franc and it remains the most stable currency in the world.

    I realise that our banking laws would have to be re-written to take advantage of our new position. If the Swiss could completely re-organise their country along the same lines but throwing out their old, not so efficient, workable ways, yet still keeping the tried and trusted path then they would. We could begin , using the good points of the Swiss system and leaving out the not so good points. By learning where they have succeeded and utilizing their wisdom where they have failed; with this knowledge we could beat them at their own game.

    I do not purport to have all the answers to every problem and I appreciate there will be many which I haven't thought upon. I have only tried to put the kernel of an idea into whoever reads this and hopefully that kernel will grow into something fruitful for us all.

    The first main problem as far as I can see is who will bring and lead the new political party to fruition? (Dare I suggest a Margaret Thatcher type of person? For call her as you will, mistakes she did make, but she did put our country first in all her dealings, No one can deny that.)

    It would have to be made by a thousand times a better brain than mine and very obviously very slowly for the changes  cannot be made overnight.  A declaration of intent would first have to be made by all the leaders of the new party.

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